7 Ways To Make Your Home Feel Warmer

During this colder months of the year, it’s time to make sure our homes are as warm and inviting as they can be, both in terms of actual temperature and coziness. Today we’re sharing 7 things you can do to help create a warm cozy living room that doesn’t include simply cranking up the heat.

1. Bring in Cozy Textiles
Blankets and pillows both have the ability to soften and warm up a cold, uninviting room pretty much instantly. Drape blankets over your couch and toss on a few pillows give your space a warm look and cozy feel.

2. Incorporate Wood
Wood has very warm feel to it. It’s got rich tones and comes in a huge variety of finishes. Adding wood to your living room is great way to warm it up and make it feel like cozy modern cabin.

3. Add A Candle
Fire might seem like an obvious way to warm up a space but not all spaces can accommodate a real fireplace. No matter where you live, a candle or two on the coffee table is a great way to cozy up your living room and make it feel warmer without it actually getting hotter.

4. Decorate With Warm Colors
Using rich colors in your interior is a great way to add warmth to your living room. They’re neutral enough that they can be accented with brighter colors if you want to, but they’re also great when paired with a natural material like wood.
7 Ways To Create A Warm Living Room // Using rich colors in your interior is a great way to add warmth to your living room.

5. Include Wall Art
Adding art to your walls helps the room feel warmer and more inviting by making the space feel less empty. Bare walls, especially bare white walls, make a space feel cold and unfriendly. Make sure your room feels welcoming by adding some of your favorite art pieces to the walls of your living room.

6. Create Soft Lighting
Soft lighting sets a calm relaxing vibe in a room and makes it feel much more inviting. Rather than hanging bare bulbs or using harsh track lighting, soft lighting – either hidden in the ceiling or created by using shades – makes a living room feel warmer and cozier.

7. Throw Down A Rug
Covering a cold floor with a cozy rug is a great way to add warmth to your living room and an element of comfort to your home. They come in a huge range of sizes, styles, and colors so no matter what kind of space you’re working with you’re guaranteed to find one that will suit your living room needs.

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