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430 Group has a solid reputation for delivering exceptional Flooring and interior design services to corporate, and individual clients.

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Design is our passion, turning ideas into reality and giving living spaces a timeless footprint are the values 430 Group was built on.
We offer home furniture in a variety of styles for every room in your house home, discover a stylish selection of furniture and home decor at here.
We view floor design as an integral part of our design practice, allowing rooms and yards to become an expression of a singular vision.

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Betty’s passion for design began at the age of 9 and via her studies and more than 20 years’ experience, she has developed her own functional, yet sophisticated style.

Betty says, “My love of nature remains the strongest influence in my design. I love incorporating elements of nature into my work wherever possible and infusing old with new, to create timeless and exceptional interiors.”

Betty’s interior design services extend to clients throughout East Africa Africa, and she has amassed an impressive portfolio of work, including the Red Cross Wellness Center, various hotel projects, and the chic interiors of exclusive private homes.

Through Betty’s innate perception of her client’s wishes, she strives to produce interiors reflective of her client’s lifestyle and personality.

Her eclectic combination of old and new, and contemporary and classical fusion are what gives her design projects a timeless elegance infusing a harmonious alchemy of elements such as classic European design with modern, Afrocentric-style décor.

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Our projects speak for themselves, we put in the hours and the talent to make sure that we deliver.
We have made it a custom to innovate new ways of doing things differently.

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